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Fun & Informative Painting Tuition and Original Paintings

Carol's Art


Carol White 

who am I and where do I get my inspiration?

My paintings are influenced and inspired by many things. I have always loved country life and the outdoors. To be out and about watching the landscape change with the seasons, observing the clouds in the sky, the shades of green in the meadow, the twists in the tree, it all really helps to create the knowledge I need to transfer my vision into paintings.  

I'm the type of person that gets bored doing the same things over again and that goes for my painting too. So, my styles and subjects are somewhat diverse. I bounce around with different ideas, being inspired by so many things. 

There are so many subjects I want to paint and I love exploring and experimenting with techniques and mixing mediums with my paints. If only I had more time to paint for much of my time is taken up teaching or preparing classes and workshops. I do love my job and I get a buzz form sharing my knowledge with others. I know how important painting is to me as a hobby and therapy it provides, so if I can help create the same for others, then that's great, it's worth the time I give.

one day I may retire and become a full time painter.


Where am I ?

I live on the edge of a lovely little village called Hawthorn on the East Durham Heritage Coastline. It's a perfect home for someone like me who enjoys being in touch with nature and one who is inspired by it all. I'm lucky enough to have the beautiful Hawthorn Dene, a dense woodland right at the back of my house which leads directly down to the coastal paths and beaches. We have to most incredible wild flowers here in the Magnesian soil. I have a great working space and a Summer house in my gorgeous garden which doubles as an outdoor studio. I run private workshops from here for small groups. We can take those outdoors permitting of course.

HAWTHORN VIADUCT (watercolour) 

My Garden studio... I'm lucky to have a very pretty garden with a stream and foot bridge over to my studio. Its a perfect location to paint and I look forward to holding Open Studio days and home workshops. I've space for 6 people comfortably.  

Painting is a Therapy. Good for your mind and soul.

I think the true value of participating in art subjects is often overlooked. The therapeutic benefits far outweigh anything else...painting and painting groups are a life line to many and it is the art of relaxation and stimulation all in one that we benefit from. Painting has been proven to slow down your heart rate whilst stimulating our brains which are both vital attributes to a healthy mind and body whatever your age. My regular groups have become great friendship groups where they discuss the joys and woes of life, have a cuppa and sometimes a cake...oh...and learn to paint too. Painting should always be about enjoyment and satisfaction...oh and a bit of frustration too.

Painting should be fun and lessons should be informative

 Carol's art motto is exactly that 'Fun & Informative painting tuition' See the workshops and painting course pages if you fancy giving it a go.

Learning to Paint

Carol's Art is focused on providing FUN & INFORMATIVE painting tuition through workshops, classes and demonstrations for all ages and abilities

I run weekly classes which are in blocks of ten weeks, occasional workshops and travel to Art Clubs across the Northern Counties, Cumbria and Scottish border regions.

If you are a member of an art club or if you have a few friends that would like to club together for a workshop I can tailor one to suit your requirements and venue whether it be a public building or your own room.

During Lockdown periods my Class and Facebook groups have been set monthly challenges. Its been great to keep everyone motivated and inspired and id like to share some of our productions with you. Im very much and amateur at putting these together but I too have enjoyed the challenge . 


Carols art group . July Painting challenge. To holiday at home and paint a previous vacation.

Street Life & Still Life .Aug

This video is about Street Life & Still Life .Aug

Painting Commissions is a variety of subjects and media

This watercolour painting of Table Top Mountain was done as an anniversary gift from two daughters...their parents are in the picture. 


  PENCIL from £65. (A4) WATERCOLOUR from £120 

ACRYLIC from £150 (A3 or16x12") OIL from £250 (16x12 canvas")

These are guide prices please contact me for a quote for you specific size and requirements . Framing is not included but can be arranged, a large selection of frames are available.         


"SPOOKED" LARGE PANORAMIC Acrylic on canvas with Iridescent paint to add a shimmer to the water & moonlight. £200 00 (Also available in LTD edition print from £85)

This website is updated regularly so please check back again for further news and additions to my web pages. There's much more to come! hope to see you again! Feel free to drop me a comment "contact me" link. OR Drop in on Facebook for day to day updates.